Why Do Guinea Pigs Cry? 5 Common Reasons Why

Guinea pigs are a great pet to have for all ages. They are cute, low tempered, and easy to care for. From time to time, you may hear your guinea pig making a weird sound like they are crying. The sound may frighten you and wonder what could cause them to cry.

So why do guinea pigs cry? Guinea pigs cry by making a crying sound but don’t shed any tears. The crying is usually due to 4 things which are hunger, pain, stress, loneliness, and health problems.

Common Reasons For Guinea Pigs Crying

Most of the time, guinea pigs will stay quiet and munching on their hay. When guinea pigs start to cry, it means there is a problem with them. You should never ignore their crying as it could be very serious.

Below are the 5 common reasons why guinea pigs cry:

Guinea Pigs Cry Due To Hunger

This is one of the common reasons why you might hear your guinea pigs crying. When they are hungry, they will cry by making a loud screeching sound. This is a way to get your attention that they are hungry.

Guinea pigs are known to have a fast metabolism. Their metabolism is much faster than other pets like hamsters and gerbils. For that reason, they will need a constant supply of hay and vegetables throughout the day.

To check if hunger is the issue for their crying, check their tummy first. The normal shape of a guinea pig will be plump and outward. If their belly is caving in, this means they are hungry.

Aside from that, guinea pigs may also cry if they are thirsty. After checking their belly and it seems fine, check their water bottle to make sure it has plenty of water.

Guinea Pigs Cry Due To Being Stressed

In the wild, guinea pigs are prey to a lot of other animals. If you have their cage next to the window, they may cry when seeing a hawk, owl, or even your pet cat and dog.

To them, they are prey and will cry when the guinea pig sees them. If so, check the surroundings for any predator that may prey on them.

Another reason for guinea pigs to be stressed is being locked in their cage for a prolonged period of time. Once a day, you should let them out of the cage and roam freely.

If you noticed they are crying, try letting them out and see if they stop crying.

Guinea Pigs Cry Due To Loneliness

Guinea pigs are herd animals, which means they don’t like to be lonely. In the wild, they will stay in a group for safety and protection from predators and other animals.

If you have only one guinea pig at home, if they get lonely, they may start to cry. This is their way of telling you that they are lonely and want company.

Even if you are the best pet owner in the world and play with them all the time, they will still get lonely without another guinea pig around.

Therefore, you’re planning to keep guinea pigs as pets, it’s best to keep at least 2 of them together. This way, they won’t get lonely and bored.

Guinea Pigs Cry Due To Health Problems

Every creature on this earth will have some health problems during their lifetime. This applies to guinea pigs as well. If you notice they are crying, they may be suffering from a health issue.

One of the things that are common among guinea pigs is watery eyes. This is usually the cause of bedding allergy. When they have watery eyes, you may notice them crying. If that’s the case, it’s recommended to get bedding for them where they can be comfortable.

Another thing to look out for are tear stains under their eyes. This is a sign that they are injured or sick. Guinea pigs will start crying as well.

Guinea pigs cry without any tears so you’ll need to look after them to see where they are injured.

If they are sick, guinea pigs will usually stay still at the same location for a long time. If you notice this, it’s best to take them to the veterinary for further examination.

Guinea Pigs Cry Due To Pain

Sometimes, they may get injured playing around with each other or something cause them to be injured outdoors. Whatever the case is, when your guinea pigs are in pain, they will start to cry.

Check their entire body for cuts and bruises to see where the injury is. If you see cuts in their skin, you can apply some marigold ointment on the wound. This will help heal the cut and prevent further infection.

What Does Guinea Pig’s Cry Sound Like?

Guinea pigs are capable of making different sounds. For that reason, it can be a bit hard to determine the meaning of each sound.

When guinea pigs cry, they can produce both low and high-frequency sounds. The low-frequency sounds are grunt and whimper. High-frequency sound will be a sharp pitch screech.

Since each guinea pig is different from one another, it’s best for the pet owner to monitor each sound when they cry.

For guinea pigs that are housed together, a grunt means they want to prove dominance to each other.

If the guinea pigs are just by themselves, a grunt could mean they are lonely or hungry.

Therefore, it’s best to keep an eye out for the sounds every time they cry and see

Do Guinea Pigs Have Tears When Crying?

Guinea pigs don’t have any tears when they cry. Even though they are tear ducts, tears won’t come out when crying. They will simply cry by making noises.

The tear ducts are there to help them drain excess tears from their eyes. This also keeps their eyes moist since guinea pigs don’t blink too often.

The ducts in their eyes also serve a purpose for grooming. When they are about to groom themselves, white discharge or fluids will come out of the duct. They will use it to groom their furs throughout their body.

Do Guinea Pigs Cry For Attention?

Guinea pigs are smart creatures and will cry for attention when they need something. Most of the time, it will be food.

If they see you walking around their cage, they may start crying to let you know that they want to be fed.

So if you hear them making some sort of wheeking sounds, place them a fresh cup of vegetables or a treat for them to eat.

After you give them some food, they will stop crying.

Why Do Guinea Pigs Cry At Night?

Some pet owners are complaining that their guinea pigs are crying at night.

Guinea pigs are diurnal, which means they are active during the day and sleep at night. This means they should be sleeping at night peacefully without making any sound.

If you notice they are crying, it will usually be something in the house that’s frightening them. This could be a pet cat or dog that’s near them. Cats and dogs are curious creatures and like to check things out.

At night, they may sleep near the guinea pig’s cage and cause them to be scared. Simply remove the other pets away from their cage and see if they stop crying.

Another reason could be that they are hungry. If the guinea pigs didn’t have enough to eat during the day, they will get hungry at night. Again, check their belly to see if it’s caved in. If so, place some food into their cage for them to eat.


As you can see from above, guinea pigs are usually quiet creatures. Since they can’t talk to us and tell us what’s wrong, their way of communication to let us know is by crying.

When your guinea pig cries, you should never ignore it. It could be very serious and can even be fatal if it’s not taken care of. Guinea pigs are a great pet to have around and as long as they are happy and nothing bad is affecting them, they will be quiet.

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