How Long Do Rabbits Sleep?

How Long Do Rabbits Sleep

Your rabbit is a part of your family. Understanding the daily sleeping patterns of your rabbits helps you to provide them the best sleep ever. If you’re even looking forward to adopting a bunny, you need to know how long it would sleep.

You may have a bunch of questions about their sleeping pattern now. Do you need exact answers to all of your questions? Keep reading. This article brings you everything you need to know about the sleeping habits of your rabbit.

How Long Do Rabbits Sleep?

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On average, adult rabbits sleep 8.4 hours a day. It can extend up to twelve hours depending on the quality of sleep they experienced. Unlike humans and most pets, rabbits have to be careful, and alert to danger. Therefore, scientists have proved that rabbits are more light sleepers. They frequently wake up even to small footsteps and having shorter periods of sleep.

When rabbits are in deep sleep, they continuously sleep for 8 or more hours. On the contrary, when they are in light sleep, they limit their sleep up to 2 – 3 continuous hours per day.

The sleeping pattern can vary according to the way your rabbit has used to sleep. The experts have said that some rabbits can have different sleeping patterns unique to themselves.

The diverse sleeping patterns of rabbits are:

  • Drowsy
  • Active sleep without Rapid Eye Movement
  • Rapid Eye Movement sleep
  • Quiet sleep
  • Q-state
  • Freeze stare

How Do You Know When Your Rabbit Is Sleeping?

The rabbits rest up all day simply lying on the floor, and it is hard to guess whether they are actually sleeping or not. Here are some important signs for you to make sure that your bunny is sleeping.

Signs of Sleeping

The easiest thing you can notice is, they stop moving their body parts. Simply they look like a log kept on the floor.

They adjust themselves into a relaxed position and the ears will be lying against the head. If the ears are pricked up, no! They are not yet sleeping. You can always make sure whether they are sleeping by looking at the ears.

The nose stops wiggling. The rabbits are used to wiggle their nose all the time when they are awake. But when they sleep, they stop doing that.

The breathing pattern changes. They start to breathe slowly when sleeping. You cannot notice it unless you are close to them.

Just like humans, some rabbits snore slightly while sleeping.


Do not guess your rabbit is sleeping or not by looking at the eyes. But why? Sometimes your rabbit’s eyes will be partially or fully open while sleeping. They do not fully close their eyes like some other pets and humans.

Signs of dreaming

Can rabbits actually dream? Of course. The rabbits are dreamers. There is no way for humans to get to know what is going on in their minds and what they are dreaming about. However, during Rapid Eye Movement sleep, the eyes can move fast and the body can shudder a little. It means that their brain is asleep while the body patterns similar to awake. The experts have said that it is a sign that your bunny is dreaming.

Can Rabbit See While Sleeping?

You already know, sometimes rabbits sleep with their eyes open. Actually, can they see while sleeping? No, they cannot. The rabbits keep their eyes open as a measure to prevent themselves from getting attacked by predators. When their eyes are open, the predators think they are awake, and they tend to ignore the rabbit. We can consider it as a self-defense mechanism for rabbits. When eyes are open rabbits can get to know any dangerous approach sooner than eyes are closed.

Are Rabbits Nocturnal?

Rabbits are not nocturnal, which means that they are not active at night. Many people are surprised when they hear rabbits are crepuscular because they sleep a lot during the daytime. However, the rabbits are most active during the twilight hours of dusk and dawn. Make sure you play with your bunny during dusk or dawn, it surely enjoys it because they are more active at that time.

What Do They Do in Dark?

Now you may wonder if rabbits are not nocturnal, what do they do in dark. If your rabbit has not had enough sleep during the daytime, it will probably sleep another few hours at night. Instead of sleeping, it may stay up all night. The rabbits are more alert during 5 – 11 pm. Therefore, your rabbit might stay awake during that time and fall asleep later.

Are They Scared of Darkness?

The rabbits are not scared of darkness at all. They are used to both light and darkness. The only thing is they are more sensitive to light. Therefore, during night hours, the domestic rabbits are more comfortably relaxed. However, the rabbit’s eyesight is not the best in the world. Whenever they hear or smell danger and cannot see it, they feel insecure, and start to feel fear.

What Positions Do Rabbits Sleep in?

The bunnies are the cutest creatures in the world. Their sleeping positions are even cuter. You may often see these sleeping postures.

  • Curled up in a ball

Like cats and some other pets, rabbits also curl the body into a form of a ball. That position helps them to conserve body heat.

  • All stretched out

The rabbits lie in the hutch on their stomach with the legs stretched out behind them. They look more relaxed in this position. It helps them to reduce heat during sunny days.

  • Lying on one side

The rabbits sleep lying on their side. They enjoy sleeping in that position but may look dead.

  • Rapid Eye Movement (REM)

Sometimes, the rabbits sleep with their eyes open to prevent themselves from predators. Either their both eyes or one eye can be open during this method of sleeping.

  • Upright

Sleeping upright is another self-defense method for rabbits. When they are upright, they can easily see if they are getting attacked. Mostly, the wild rabbits sleep in the upright position. At the same time, it is funny and lovely to see when a domestic rabbit sleeps upright.

Do They Like to Sleep with Other Rabbits?

The rabbits are more friendly and sociable pets. Rather than being alone, the rabbits prefer company. They love to sleep with other rabbits once they become friendly with each other. You may have seen the pets like cats and rabbits sleep close to each other to preserve heat. It is a good sign to say that rabbits like to sleep with other rabbits. Also, they feel safer when they are together.


Getting adequate, good-quality sleep is necessary for rabbits for their well-being. Therefore, make sure you provide your rabbit a safe and cozy place to sleep. Avoid disturbing and let it wake up at its own time. Always certain that your pet is happy and safe.

If all your problems about rabbit’s sleeping patterns are solved, do not forget to share the article. Let us know if this article is helpful to understand your pet. We enjoy reading your comments.

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