Do Rabbits Drink Water? Is It Safe?

Do Rabbits Drink Water

If you’ve just brought home a rabbit, you’ll probably have a lot of questions about how to care for them. One of the things you will wonder about if rabbits drink water or do they drink something else.

So, do rabbits drink water? Yes, rabbits do drink water to survive and for their organ to function properly. The amount of water they need will vary depending on their age and weight.

How Much Water Do Rabbits Drink a Day?

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The amount of water a rabbit needs to drink will depend largely on its age and weight.

In general, the estimated rabbit’s daily water consumption should be double its food intake.

If the rabbit is not drinking any water, this will be a major concern. Water keeps the rabbit hydrated and their organs functioning properly. Without water, their organs will start to break down, and will start to have health issues such as shock and kidney failure.

A month and a half-year-old rabbit that weighs about 750 grams should consume about 120ml of water daily. A rabbit that’s between 1-2 years old that weighs about 2.5 kilograms should drink about 400ml of water daily.

In addition to their weight and age, other things to consider are if the rabbit is pregnant, nursing their young, or just given birth. If that’s the case, the rabbit should consume at least 3 liters of water per day.

What Type of Water Do Rabbits Drink?

There are many types of water available from distilled, mineral, spring, purified, alkaline, and tap water. All of this water is safe for the rabbits to drink.

However, some of the water sold in stores will have a high level of alkaline, calcium, or chlorine. If they do, avoid giving it to the rabbit as it can cause them health issues.

If your residential tap water is safe, you can just simply offer that to them. It’s free and doesn’t contain any kind of chemicals.

Can Rabbits Drink Rain Water?

Rainwater is safe for rabbits to drink since it’s the same water they would drink in the wild.

When letting them drink rainwater, make sure that it does not contain any chemicals. This can be from chemicals you use in the garden and yard such as fertilizers, pesticides, and insecticides.

As it rains, the water will run through the yard and collect the chemicals. If rainwater contains any chemicals, it could cause health issues for them, even death can occur.

Therefore, to make sure rainwater is safe for the rabbits, make sure that the water is collected directly in a clean container or barrel.

How Do Rabbits Drink Water In The Wild?

Rabbits in the wild will drink water from ponds, rivers, or ponds found in their habitat. These creatures are known to form their burrow close to a water source so they will stay well hydrated.

While these bodies of water will contain bacteria and other harmful pathogens, their body’s immune system is able to counteract it.

Rabbit Drinking Water Excessively

During the summer months when it’s usually hot, rabbits are known to consume more water than usual. When it’s hot, their body will lose a lot of water content and they will drink more water to keep themselves hydrated.

Also, another reason they may drink a lot of water is after an active session such as exercise. When they exercise or moving around a lot, they will lose a lot of water from their body. To make up for the loss of water, rabbits will drink more water than usual.

Rabbit Not Drinking Water

If you’ve noticed that your pet rabbit isn’t drinking the recommended water daily, it could mean they have a health problem.

One common health issue among rabbits is kidney disease. Having this disease will prevent them from drinking water, sometimes no water at all.

If you noticed they are not drinking that often, it’s best to take them to the veterinary to get them examined.

Other things could be a change in the taste of the water or you’ve put water in a bottle. Rabbits are finicky about the taste of their water. Once they are used to a certain type of water, they will only drink that water. If you’ve been giving them tap water for a long time and decided to give them mineral water, they may not drink it.

When it comes to water in a bottle, most rabbits prefer to drink them from a bowl. If you have water in a bottle and they are not drinking it, that could be the problem. Try placing the water in a bowl and see if they drink it.

Rabbits that are not drinking water will lead to them to having dehydration.

Symptoms Of Dehydration In Rabbits

Dehydration is a very serious issue for rabbits and it should be avoided at all costs. When a rabbit is dehydrated, they will have the following symptoms:

  • High fever
  • Oral and teeth problems
  • Discomfort
  • Weight loss
  • Dark and smell urine
  • Dry skin
  • Hair falling off

If you suspect any of the above symptoms, you should take them to the veterinarian for further examination. If the problem is left untreated, it will ultimately lead to the death of the rabbit.


Water is required by every animal and living thing on this planet. Without water, nothing will be able to survive, which includes rabbits. Always make sure your pet rabbit gets plenty of water each day. If they are not drinking water, it means there’s a problem that they are having. If the rabbit gets dehydrated, it could cause them serious health problems, even death can occur from it. As long as your pet rabbit is getting plenty of water, they will be healthy and happy.

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