Do Hamsters Need Sunlight? It Could Be Dangerous

Do Hamsters Need Sunlight

Hamsters are cute and fun pets to have around. These creatures do things that may make you wonder about them. Like a lot of creatures, they require sunlight to survive and stay healthy. As for your pet hamsters, do they need sunlight too?

So, do hamsters need sunlight? Hamsters do not need sunlight in order to survive. The sunlight just helps them regulate their sleeping pattern. These creatures are nocturnal which means they are active only during the night.

Do Hamsters Need Light During The Day?

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Unlike most humans, hamsters don’t need light during the day. These creatures are nocturnal beings, which means they are active only at night. They will forage for food, mate, and conduct most of their other business when it’s dark outside.

At night is when they feel safe as most of the predators that prey on them are asleep. Also, they are able to go further away from their burrow to forage for food without being noticed.

Are Hamsters Allowed In The Sun?

Hamsters are nocturnal animals and spend most of their lives in darkness. During the day, they will sleep in their burrow. At night, they will start to come out and forage for food.

Sometimes, hamsters will come out during the day if there is a threat to them. This could be a predator such as snakes or other animals burrowing into their tunnel. They will run out of their burrow for safety.

Therefore, hamsters can go out into the sun, but it’s not recommended that you let them in the sun often.

Should I Cover My Hamsters Cage During The Day?

Hamsters don’t need total darkness to sleep. For that reason, it’s unnecessary to cover their cage during the day.

While you don’t need to cover their cage, it should not be placed in direct sunlight or close to the window where a lot of lights will shine through.

The best place for their cage is far away from the windows where it’s dim. Places like in a dark room or room with the blinds closed.

Another option would be to simply put a light cloth over their cage during the time of the day when the sun is at its brightest. This will help them get better sleep.

Is Direct Sunlight Bad for Hamsters?

When it comes to direct sunlight, it’s not good for them. It’s best that you do not place them in direct sunlight or during the day when the sun is at its brightest.

Hamsters are very sensitive to light and they cannot handle the bright light from the sun. These creatures could have their eyes damage, cause them to become too hot, and interfere with their sleeping cycle.

Instead, a good time to bring them into the sun is during the early morning and evening. This is when the sun isn’t at its hottest and brightest. Also, this is when the hamsters will come out from their burrow in their natural habitat.

As for the hamster’s cage, it should also be kept away from direct sunlight. Placing the cage in direct sunlight will cause their cage to heat up and can cause the hamster to become hot. If they get too hot, they’ll eventually die from heatstroke.

Can Hamsters Have a Nightlight?

As mentioned earlier, hamsters are nocturnal creatures. They are well-equipped for the nightlife. They don’t need great eyesight to move around. Hamsters have whiskers and a good sense of smell to help them navigate and avoid danger.

At night, it’s best to keep them in a room where there is natural light. This means a window where they can see the moon and stars. Also, in their natural habitat, this is the environment they are used to seeing.

If you’re not able to place them close to a window or in a room where there is natural light, it shouldn’t be any problems for them. They’ll still be able to navigate around without any light.


Hamsters don’t need the sun to survive, but they need the sun in order to regulate their sleeping pattern. The sunlight is needed to tell them when it’s time to wake up and go foraging for food, exercising, and mating.

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