Do Chickens Fart? Tips To Control The Smell

Every animal on this planet needs to release gas from its stomach. If not, they can become bloated and have all sorts of health issues. Most people know cows, dogs, and cats can fart. When it comes to chickens, some will wonder if chickens can fart too.

Do chickens fart? Chickens do fart and it’s generally a good sign their digestive system is in good health. Farting is a normal biological process that chickens do to pass unwanted or excess gas and air out of their system. However, farting should not be excessive or have a strong smell. If this happens, it’s usually due to a particular food source or they may have an issue with their health. This will may require medical attention as it could be serious.

What Causes Chickens To Fart?

Farting is caused by trapped air in the digestive system. As the body needs a way to expel the air, it will result in the chicken farting.

This is perfectly normal and it’s a great indication that the chicken is in good health.

There are two different factors that can cause air to be trapped in the digestive system of the chicken. One of them is swallowing air. Usually, when chickens eat food or drink water, they inhale some of the air with it into their stomach.

The second factor is digesting certain foods. There are some foods that contain complex sugar known as raffinose. As foods pass through the digestive system, bacteria will start to break it down. This results in the body producing hydrogen, carbon dioxide, and methane gas.

Some of the foods that are known to cause excess gas includes beans, dairy products, whole grains, and certain vegetables such as Brussel sprouts, broccoli, cabbage, and asparagus.

Do Chickens Fart Out Of Their Mouth?

Actually, chickens do fart out of their mouth, but the correct term for it is “burping”. For a chicken, gas is produced in the stomach. When the gas is released through their mouth, it’s burping. The gas that is released through their rectal, it’s farting.

Do Chickens Fart Smell?

When it comes to the farts of a chicken, they do smell. Some farts will smell better or worse than others. For that reason, you shouldn’t expect the smell from a chicken fart to have a flowery smell or a nice aroma.

Due to the unpleasant smell, farmers are known to put a lot of effort to control the smell in the coop. When you have a large flock, the smell can sometimes become unbearable.

This smell is usually due to the foods the chicken consume. There has been a study done that found there is a direct correlation between foods chicken eat and the smell of their fart, according to Animal Nutrition Journal.

How To Stop The Smell

Unfortunately, there’s no way to stop the fart from smelling. The smell depends on the digestive gases and environmental factors, which the chickens have no control of.

However, while you can’t prevent the smell of the fart from stopping completely, there are ways you can take to reduce the smell.


One of them is investing in the right foods. Not all commercial feeds are made of the highest standards. Certain feeds are high in quality and use better ingredients without any additives or fillers.

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Due to the high quality of these feeds, the price will usually be more expensive.

Regardless of the food you feed them, the chicken will still fart and give off some smell naturally.

Manging The Smell

The other way is to keep the smell to a minimum. Again, you cannot stop the smell of the fart, but you can manage it.

In their coops, a good quality bedding will help keep the smell to a minimum. Besides, it will make the entire coop smell fresher.

Quality bedding should absorb a lot of moisture and can be disposed of after use.

When it comes to bedding, I recommend Dr. Hemp Bedding, which makes an excellent choice for chickens. It’s super-absorbent, repels pests, and last a long time.

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Since you can’t stop the smell completely in the coop, you can minimize it by using a refresher. The Coop Refresher is a great product to help keep the smell down while giving the coop a fresher scent. It’s natural, non-toxic granules that naturally lower the odor in the coop.

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  • Minerals capture waste into a nutrient rich ingredient, which can be added to composts and gardens
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Another thing you can do to manage the smell in the coop is to provide proper ventilation. Fresh air should be able to enter the coop and exit the coop without any restriction.

If there’s a restriction, the bad odor won’t be able to escape and will cause the coop to smell.

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Do Chickens Fart Methane?

Yes, when the chicken fart, it’s a combination of hydrogen, carbon dioxide, and methane.

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