Can Hamsters Eat Cantaloupe? Feeding Tips

Can Hamsters Eat Cantaloupe

Cantaloupe is a fruit that’s known for its sweet and tender flesh. This fruit is seasonal and available only during the summer months. Cantaloupe is safe for humans to eat. If you own hamsters, can they do eat cantaloupe too? If so, what species of hamster and how much can they eat?

Can hamsters eat cantaloupe? Yes, hamsters can eat cantaloupe, but only the flesh part. Cantaloupe is packed with nutritions that the hamsters can benefit from. However, due to their high content of sugar, this fruit should be fed to them in moderation. For Syrian and Roboski hamsters, give them a small piece of cantaloupe, while dwarf hamsters should be given a sliver piece.

Is It Safe For Hamsters To Eat Cantaloupe?

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Cantaloupe doesn’t contain any toxins so it’s safe for hamsters to eat. However, due to their high content of sugar and water, it could be harmful to them. For that reason, you should feed cantaloupe to the hamsters in moderation.

Also, the skin and seeds of the cantaloupe pose a choking hazard to them. The skin is too tough and the seeds are too big. These should be discarded before giving the cantaloupe to your hamsters.

Health Benefits of Cantaloupe for Hamsters

Cantaloupe is packed with nutrition, especially protein, carbohydrates, and fiber. All of these of which the hamsters can benefit from.

Below are some of the health benefits the hamsters can benefit from eating cantaloupe:

Improve Digestive

Cantaloupe has a lot of fiber, which helps with overall digestive health. By feeding hamsters food that is high in fiber like coconut, it will help keep their digestive system healthy.

A good amount of fiber intake will promote regular bowel movement which will help move food through the digestive tract smoothly. Also, fiber will prevent constipation in hamsters.

Helps Regulate Blood Pressure

Cantaloupe is a good source of potassium. This mineral helps balance sodium levels in the body and regulate blood pressure.

Also, potassium help promote the health of the heart and muscles.

Help Keeps Hamsters Hydrated

Cantaloupe has a high content of water. This will help keep the hamsters hydrated, especially during the summer months when it’s hot.

Can Hamsters Eat Cantaloupe Skin?

Hamsters can eat cantaloupe skin, but it’s not recommended that you feed them. The skin is too tough which will make it hard for the hamsters to chew and digest. Also, it could cause them to choke on it.

Therefore, it’s best to peel the skin of the cantaloupe before feeding them to your hamsters.

Can Hamsters Eat Cantaloupe Seeds?

The seeds of the cantaloupe should not be fed to hamsters. These seeds contain a toxin known as cyanide. If ingested, they can be very harmful to the hamsters. Death can occur if the hamsters eat too much of it.

Also, the seeds are too big and are a choking hazard for them.

How To Feed Cantaloupe To Hamsters

Hamsters enjoy eating cantaloupe due to their sweet taste. To feed them cantaloupe, you’ll need to prepare it first. Follow the simple instructions below to feed cantaloupe to your hamsters:

  1. Make sure the cantaloupe is ripe first.
  2. Cut the fruit in halves with a sharp knife.
  3. Using a spoon, scoop out the seeds from the cantaloupe and throw them away.
  4. With a knife, slice the cantaloupe into smaller pieces.
  5. Peel the skin of the cantaloupe with a knife.
  6. Give the flesh of the cantaloupe to your hamster for them to enjoy.

How Many Cantaloupe To Feed Hamsters?

Hamsters should be fed cantaloupe in moderation. This means that once or twice a week is enough for them to eat.

At each feeding, it will depend on the species of hamsters you have. For Syrian and roborovski hamsters, you can give them a small piece of cantaloupe. If you own a dwarf hamster, a sliver of cantaloupe is enough for them.

Cantaloupe should only make up 10% of the hamster’s overall diet. The rest should come from quality commercial hamster foods. The food offers a completely balanced diet and has all of the nutrition that the hamsters require daily.

You’ll want to feed them other food besides cantaloupe. This way, they won’t get bored of the same each day. Also, they’ll get the nutrition that cantaloupe don’t have.

Other Fruits That Hamsters Can Eat


Coconut is a tropical fruit that can be given to hamsters. Due to their high content of sugar and water, it’s best to feed them in moderation. Too much coconut could cause them to have health problems such as upset stomach and obesity.


Bananas make a good treat for hamsters. This fruit is a good source of antioxidants and packed with vitamins and minerals. Due to their high content of sugar content, feed bananas to the hamsters in moderation to avoid any health issues.


Watermelon contains a lot of vitamins and minerals which the hamsters can benefit from. Also, this fruit is high in water content. For that reason, hamsters should be fed watermelon in moderation to avoid any health issues.


As you can see, cantaloupe is safe for hamsters to eat, but only in moderation. Feeding them too much of this tropical fruit can cause health issues for them. By giving them just a small piece of cantaloupe every week, you shouldn’t need to worry about it.

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