Can Chickens Eat Turnips? Cooked or Raw?

Turnips are root vegetables that are delicious and very versatile. It can be cooked or raw for use in soups, used as a side dish, or grated in salads. Not only that, but they are packed with nutrition too. While turnips are safe for humans to eat, can chickens eat turnips too?

Can chickens eat turnips? Yes, chickens can eat turnips. It’s loaded with vitamins and minerals that the chickens require. With turnips, it can be hard for them to eat it raw. Therefore, it’s best to grate, cook, or mash them first before feeding the chickens.

Is It Healthy For Chickens To Eat Turnips?

Turnip is loaded with fiber, folate, and vitamins. It’s also a good source of manganese, potassium, iron, calcium, copper, and magnesium.

Below are some of the things the chickens can benefit from eating turnips:”

Boost Immune System

Turnips are a good source of vitamin C, which protects the body from free radical damage.

Chickens that are fed a high diet of vitamin C tend to not get sick very easily. If they do get sick, feeding them turnips can help them recover from the illness quickly.

Promote Bone Health

Turnips are a good source of vitamin K and calcium. Vitamin K plays an important role in bone metabolism. Combined with calcium, it helps strengthen the bones by making it denser.

Protect the Liver

Turnips’content of anthocyanins and sulfur compounds, such as glucosinolates, have been shown to have a positive impact on the liver.

Can Chickens Eat Turnip Greens?

Chickens can eat turnip greens. They are actually really good for them. It’s has a good amount of fiber and a good source of vitamin A, vitamin B6, calcium, and magnesium.

Turnip greens don’t contain any toxins and are safe for chickens to eat. Before feeding them, you may want to cut them into smaller pieces so it’ll be easier for them to eat and digest it.

However, you can give them the entire leaves as well. This is a great way to keep them busy and active throughout the day.

Can Chickens Eat Turnips

How To Feed Turnips To Chickens

Due to the toughness of the turnips, it can be difficult for them to eat it. To make it easier for them to eat these delicious and nutritious root vegetables, there are 3 methods you can try.

The first method is to cook the turnips. The turnips can either be boiled or steamed. Cook them for about 10-20 minutes. You can either cook whole turnips or slice them into smaller pieces and cook them that way.

Once it’s cooked, let it cool down to room temperature and place it in their feeding bowl to feed them.

The second method is grating the turnips. The grating of turnips is an excellent method to feed chickens as the pieces are very small. This will make it easier for them to eat and digest it.

Clean the turnip first and grate them until you have enough of it to feed the chickens.

The third method is to mash the turnips. Chickens aren’t a picky eater and will eat it all.

How Much And How Often To Feed Blueberries To Chickens

While turnips don’t contain any toxins and they are healthy for chickens to eat, you should feed them in moderation. Turnips don’t have the proper amount of nutrition to meet the chicken’s dietary requirements.

Instead, chickens should be fed quality commercial feeds daily. These feeds are formulated with the right amount of nutrition to meet the daily requirement of the chickens.

Turnips should make up only 10% of their entire diet. Therefore, turnips should be fed to them once or twice per week. You should also rotate feeding them turnips with other vegetables as well. This will give them additional nutrition that turnips don’t have.

Other Vegetables That Chickens Can Eat


Lettuce is a good treat to feed chickens. It’s high in nutrition and easy for them to eat and digest. The best varieties to feed chickens is the Romaine lettuce. This lettuce variety is the most nutritious.

Out of all the lettuce varieties, iceberg lettuce has the least amount of nutrition. What they lack in nutrition, they gain in water content. Iceberg lettuce is a great vegetable to feed them during the summer when it’s usually hot. This lettuce will keep them hydrated throughout the day.


Spinach is a superfood packed with vitamins and minerals. These leafy greens are not only nutritious, but it’s easy for chickens to eat. You can feed them cooked or raw spinach.


Leeks are low in calories, but high in nutrients. These vegetables are high in magnesium and vitamins A, C, K. Leeks can be given to chickens raw or cooked.

If you’re planning to feed them raw leeks, it’s a good idea to cut them into smaller pieces first so it’ll be easier for them to eat.

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