Can Chickens Eat Lizards? Abundance of Energy

Can Chickens Eat Lizards

If you let the chickens roam freely around the yard, you know that they will eat almost anything that moves. If you live in an area that has lizards, you may be thinking if chickens can eat them.

Can chickens eat lizards? Chickens are omnivores, which means they eat both plants and animals. Therefore, chickens will eat lizards if you feed it to them. Most lizards have no venom and it’s safe for them to eat it.

Is It Healthy For Chickens To Eat Lizards?

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Lizards are rich in protein and other nutritions. Lizards have been hunted and eaten by humans for thousands of years due to their nutrition. As for chickens, they too will eat lizards and can benefit a lot from eating it.

Below are some of the health benefits of eating lizards:

Energy Source

Chickens that eat lizard will get energy from eating it. Like any other meat, lizard meat contains an abundance of energy. Inside every ounce of lizard meat, the chickens will get 50 kcal of energy.

Protein Source

Protein is important to the overall health of the chickens. It helps build and repair tissues, regulate blood flow, and keep the skin healthy.

Protein is a very important amino acid in which the chicken needs to function properly.

Maintain Digestive Health

Chickens that eat lizards will benefit from a healthy digestive system. The amino acids along with protein are useful to protect the lining of the stomach. Also, the lizards will help maintain regular bowel movement.

What Kinds of Lizards Do Chickens Eat?

There are thousands of different species of lizards around the world. Lizards are mostly found in the lower part of the world where it’s usually warm. These creatures are cold-blooded and need the sun to regulate their body temperature.

If you live in the southern parts of the U.S., some of the lizards you may find naturally in your backyard are:

  • Skinks
  • Green Anoles
  • Geckos

These are small lizards that the chickens may encounter when they are outdoors. Due to their size, they are safe for chickens to eat. Also, they don’t contain any venom so these lizards won’t cause any harm to them either.

Chickens are not a picky eater and will go after anything that’s smaller than them.

can chickens eat lizards

Can Lizards Cause Harm To Chickens?

Depending on the size of the lizard, they can actually hurt the chickens. As the lizards struggle to break free, they will bite and scratch the chicken. Sometimes it could cause a serious injury to them. 

As for being harmful to eat, lizards found across the U.S. don’t have any venom that could

The only thing you need to be careful about is the potential of disease. Lizards in the wild are exposed to many diseases and other dangerous pathogens. However, the lizard is immune to some of the diseases. For chicken, if they eat a lizard containing a disease, their body may not be able to handle it and become ill.

Fortunately, it’s rare for a chicken to catch a disease that could kill them. Most of the time, their immune system will kill the disease before it spreads in their body.

How To Feed Lizards To Chickens

Lizards are not normally bought as a feeder for chickens. They can get too expensive when feeding chickens, especially if you have a large flock of them.

If you allow the chickens to roam freely around the yard, they will likely chase and catch the lizards themselves. Since lizards are very fast, it may give the chickens a hard time to catch them.

Other Critters That Chickens Eat

Beside lizards, chickens will eat other creatures in the backyard. They are curious eater and will seek and eat anything and everything that looks tasty and that can fit in their mouth.

Depending on where you live, there may not be any lizards around. Fortunately, chickens are omnivores and they will eat anything that moves that includes bugs, insects, and small reptiles.

Below are some of the other creatures that make a great treat for them:

Crickets – Crickets are nutritious which makes them a great treat for chickens. They can be found all over the yard, especially under rocks and rubbish.

Spiders – Spiders are abundant around the home and backyard. If the chickens are allowed to roam freely around the yard, they will seek and catch spiders.

Earthworms – Earthworms is one of the chicken’s favorite food. It’s loaded with protein and other nutrients. When it rains, they are plentiful and make an easy meal for the chickens.

Ants – This insect has an abundance of nutritions that the chickens can benefit from. They are plentiful around the yard and an easy meal for the chickens.

Flies – Flies are rich in protein and other nutritions. The only problem with flies is their quickness, which can be hard for the chickens to catch them.

Bees – Bees are packed with nutrition and great for chickens. If the chickens can catch them, they will benefit a lot of nutrition from the bees.

Grasshoppers – During the summer months, grasshoppers are plentiful in the backyard. Not only are grasshoppers an excellent meal for chickens, but they will keep them active too.

Rats – Chickens will eat rats if they encounter one. However, they’ll only go after baby rats though. Rats usually make a nest under rubbish and other objects, which makes them easy for the chickens to get to.

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