Can Chickens Drown In The Rain?

Can Chickens Drown In The Rain

One natural phenomenon is rain. Rain provides water for plants to grow and provide hydration for animals. If you have one or a flock of chickens, you may wonder if rain is any danger to them, especially if they can drown in the rain.

So can chickens drown in the rain? Fortunately, chickens can not drown in the rain by simply standing out in it. Even if it’s a heavy downpour, they will not drown.

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Even though the chickens will not drown, they are at risk of catching a chill or hypothermia. If they are out in the rain for too long, once hypothermia sets in, they can actually die from it.

Can Rain Kill Chickens?

It depends on how hard it’s raining. If it just drizzles to light rain, it will not hurt the chickens. Their feather is semi-waterproof and able to repel the waters.

Rain won’t be able to kill the chickens, but the illness caused by the rain can. A heavy downpour can cause the chickens to become ill. The heavy rains will penetrate their feathers to the skin, which causes them to have chills. This will ultimately lead to them getting sick.

If there’s no shelter for them to run for cover, they may start to have hypothermia. This is a serious condition especially if it’s cold outside.

Luckily, you don’t need to worry about the rain. Chickens, by instinct, will start to run for cover as the rains become too heavy. If the coop isn’t available for them to seek shelter, they may go under a tree, large plants, and sometimes may even run into your house for cover.

Chickens Usually Enjoy The Rain

When it starts to rain, chicken actually enjoys it. The rains bring out insects and worms, where it will make any easy snack for them.

Earthworms are one of the chicken’s favorite food and it’s great for them too. The worms are packed with nutrition that the chickens require.

During a storm, you may notice the chickens are active and walking back and forth. Due to instinct, they know the earthworms are coming out from the under the ground.

Besides earthworms, bugs and other insects will start to come out from trees, dirt, and plants.

Wet Chickens Get Warmed-Up and Dried-Off

Chickens that are wet should be fine. However, if they get too wet, you’ll need to get them warm up and dried right away. If they are wet for too long, they can get hypothermia, especially during the winter months.

Some of the signs of hypothermia include: lethargy, staring blindly, becoming stiff, and their feathers are puffed out.

Chickens that are extremely wet should be dried right away with a towel. Gently massage the towel along their entire body to dry them. After that, place the chicken into their coop. They will go and sit in their nesting box. Make sure that the bedding is not wet or it will take longer for them to dry off.

Can Chickens Drown In Water?

Yes, chicken does in fact can drown in water. Water such as the puddles, small ponds, and even their drinking water can pose a serious risk for them. The reason for this is that chickens are not waterfowl. Their body features aren’t designed to be in the water.

Their feathers may repel water, but it’s not waterproof. Their feet are not like those of ducks and geese where it’s webbed. They’ll be able to stay afloat in the water, but it will be difficult for them to maneuver around.

If you have a pond nearby, make sure they are able to climb out of it if they fall into the water. You can simply put rocks, branches, and logs near the edges so they can climb on it to get out.

For their drinking water, make sure that it’s not too deep and they won’t be able to get stuck in it. Young chickens especially are prone to climbing into trough and bowls to drink water. If it’s too deep, they may drown in it.

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Can Chickens Swim?

Due to their features and feet, these body parts on the chickens are not designed for swimming. However, they are lightweight and can keep themselves afloat.

If they need to cross a small stream or puddle, they will swim across it. This does this by pushing their feet against the ground and thrusting themselves forward.

Streams and puddles that are deep, they will have a hard time crossing it. This could cause them to drown if they start to panic and accidentally drown themselves.

Additionally, chickens that are in the water for too long, especially cold water, could cause them to have hypothermia. This is serious as it slows the chickens down and they won’t be able to move.

Chickens should never be allowed to swim unless you or someone is watching them.

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