Buying Backyard Chickens – 3 Things To Consider

If you have ever wanted to know more about chickens, then this article is for you. Chickens are such an interesting animal that it may seem like they are just too exotic to eat. But they actually taste pretty good!

The domestic chicken is actually a sub-species of the common wildfowl, the red jungle fowl. Chickens have been one of the most popular and widespread domestic animals, with a population growing each year.

There are more than twice as many chickens as any other domestic animal or wildfowl, making them a very important domestic animal. They are also an important source of meat that people rely upon.

Different Breeds Of Chickens

Before you decide on whether or not you should own a domestic chicken, there are a few things to think about first. First of all, what kind of chicken do you want? Chickens vary widely in their personalities and behavior, so finding a particular personality will be important. You should look at pictures of chickens, as well. This will help you determine if the chicken will fit into your home and your family’s needs. There are even companies out there that give you chickens that you can raise and feed yourself.

Below are the 2o most popular breeds for raising in your backyards:

  • ISA Brown
  • Plymouth Rock
  • Barnevelder
  • Australorp
  • Naked Neck
  • Orpington
  • Silkie
  • New Hampshire Red
  • Frizzle
  • Belgian d’Uccle
  • Rhode Island Red
  • Polish
  • Cochin
  • Leghorn
  • Sussex
  • Araucana
  • Wyandotte
  • Minorca
  • Faverolles
  • Sebright

Chicken Coop

Once you have decided which personality you want, you will need to decide on a chicken coop. A good quality coop is easy to build, and it’s usually cheaper to buy one than to build one yourself.

If you’re serious about raising chickens, make sure the coop is strong enough and well insulated. Chickens like to stay warm, so you need a coop that has enough space and ventilation. If you choose a chicken coop that isn’t strong enough, then your chickens could be hurt if they are outside in harsh weather conditions.

Also, if you have young children and a new coop then it’s best to leave it off a bit so they can play with the chickens.

Chicken coops come in many different shapes, sizes, and materials. Depending on how large your flocks are, you should get one that is large enough to accommodate all of them. It’s not recommended to get a coop any try to cramp the chickens in there. Doing so will cause the chickens to become stressed and this could lead to health issues

Chicken are great pets, and they are very easy to raise. They do require some love and attention, but they will do fine with just a bit of time and attention.

For anyone who keeps chickens as a pet or to raise them for meats and eggs, you know how important the chickens is to you.  That’s why it is very important to keep them safe at night when predators like foxes and owls hunt.  For some people, it can be a tedious job coming out every morning opening and every night closing the door for the chicken coop and looking for an easier way to handle that task.  Well, you’re in luck because there’s an automatic chicken coop door that can do the job for you.

Why Do Chicken Coop Need Doors?

The chicken coop door is a must-have item if you are raising chickens. Doors help keep them safe from predators and provide shelter for them from the rain, snow, and sun. Mother nature can be mean sometimes and that’s why you should be prepared. The door for your chicken coop doesn’t have to be fancy, but it needs to be sturdy and strong enough to prevent foxes and other predators from knocking it down and getting to your chickens.

When it comes to automatic doors, you can build them yourself or buy one already made. That depends on your expertise in building an automated door. If you are looking to build an automatic chicken coop door, click here to see the article to learn how to build one. Building one is fairly simple and requires locks, timers, ropes or chains, and patient. In addition, building an automatic door will depend on how your coop is setup. Some chicken coop has doors that swing back and forth, while others have doors that go up and down. So it will require some knowledge of how timers and locks work if you want to build one yourself.

An automatic chicken coop door is a great feature to have for your chicken coop. You won’t have to worry about coming out at night to lock the door or come in the early morning to open the door for the chickens. Also, you can go on a vacation for a couple of days without worrying about your chicken. The automatic door will keep them safe at night and you won’t have to worry about your chicken being eaten.

If you rather not build one yourself, you can buy an automatic door online. Most local home improvement stores won’t have these in stock, but they might have them online. You can buy them as a Whole Assembly Automatic Chicken Coop Door Opener or just Chicken Coop Door Motor. Buying the whole assembly or just the door motor will depend on your preferences and expertise. For the whole assembly, all you need to do is cut the coop to make room for the door and you’re done.  If you’re buying just the motor, you will need to do some work to make the door work.  Usually, for both products, there will be instructions for you to follow.

If you are building one yourself or buying one, make sure the locking mechanism works flawlessly. If the locks don’t lock, what’s the point of having a door.  So make sure to test it out a couple of times before leaving it to do its job on its own.  Another thing with automatic doors is that the lock is controlled by a timer.  A timer is a device that is set manually to tell what time the door should be locked and unlocked.   When buying a timer, don’t go for the cheap one because they tend to work and last for only a short period of time.  If the timer stop working, that means the door isn’t locked and that can pose a threat to your chicken at night.  That’s why you want to choose a quality timer to prevent something like that from happening.

Chicken Feeds

Raising chickens is a great way to save money. With the right types of feeds, you can have chickens that will pay for itself in only a few months. A lot of the food that is cheap is actually organic in nature and so they can eat this instead of the regular chicken feed. And because chickens are hardy animals, they need to eat more food than most other animals, which means they have more energy.

If you are thinking about getting started with a backyard flock, then you may be interested in learning how to make some coop plans yourself. Doing so may even save you a lot of money in the long run.

It’s also a good idea to get some books with some pictures of the different types of chickens and where to get them. You may even want to find a website that will help you learn how to raise chickens.

chicken feeds

Different Types of Chicken Feeds

  • Chick Starter
  • Grower Feed
  • Layer Feed
  • Flock Raiser
  • Broiler Feed
  • Game Bird Feed
  • Fermented Feed
  • Cracked Corn

Different Form of Chicken Feed

The chicken feed comes in three different forms: crumbles, mash, and pellets. All of these are made specifically for chickens.

  • Crumbles
  • Mash
  • Pellets

The form of feeds can be fed to all ages and kinds of chickens.


Crumbles are bits and pieces which is easy for the chicken to eat. It’s similar to the texture of oatmeal.

These feeds are best for smaller chickens as it will make it easier for them to eat. However, adult chickens can eat them too and due to their small size, it will keep them busy for a long time.


Mash is simply a loose and unprocessed version of chicken feed. Mash are feeds that have been mixed with some water and mashed. The texture is similar to those of a porridge.

This feed is commonly used for chicks, as it’s easy for them to digest. Also mixing grits with the mash will ensure the baby chickens will eat it all.

While mash feeds are a great option for feeding chickens, most people don’t like to feed them mash. It takes a bit of time to prepare and more time to clean it up after chickens are done eating it.


Pellets are the most popular form of feed. These are usually cylindrical in shape and length.

One of the benefits of using pellets is that they hold their shape nicely. If the chickens tip over their feeder, the pellets will be easy to clean up.

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