Building Inexpensive Chicken Coops

Whether you are looking to raise chickens for food or raise them as a pet, you’ll need to build a chicken coop.  When it comes to building one, it all depends on your budget and what you want in a chicken coop.  If you want to raise chicken but are on a tight budget, you will want to look in the most inexpensive way to build a chicken coop, right?  Luckily for you, it’s possible to build one on a budget.

For most people especially novice, you will probably be thinking of buying one that’s built already.  A chicken house isn’t like a bird house or a dog house.  It’s more work involve in it than just slapping a woods together.  It requires a roosts and nest inside the house with proper ventilation.  Because of this, it’s isn’t cheap to find one.  Your only other option would be to build one yourself!

Building a chicken coup will be not as easy as building a dog house or a bird house, but it will be much cheaper than buying one. In addition, it can be a great project to do with your entire family.

If you have never built a chicken coop before, the idea of just planning it is scary.  Well, there is no need to fear as there are many great chicken coop plans available. You can find them online or at a craft store.  Each plan comes with full detailed instructions and materials you will need to buy to build a chicken coop. Some are available for free and some charges a small fee.  From my personal experience, I would recommend a paid plan as it is more detail oriented. The free plans are less informative and the directions might be harder to follow especially for novice.  However, if you can understand the basic, it should not be an issues following the instructions and building a coop.

Since you are looking to build the chicken coup inexpensive as possible, you will want to use the cheapest wood available.  OSB woods is an engineered wood and much cheaper than plywood.  However, it doesn’t tend to last as long as plywood would. You can still find good quality woods by going to your local home improvement stores and buying off cuts or used timber that the store have.  If one store doesn’t have used timbers, try to go to different stores and buy them.  Who knows, by the end of your fifth visit to different stores, you’ll have enough timbers to start your project.

If you still can’t find quality woods to use to build a chicken coup, another option would be to buy cheap woods and coat them with water-resistance paint.  Quality woods will prevent the wood from being damaged by water and other outdoors element. By coating the woods with water-resistance paint, you’ll have a sturdy and weatherproof chicken house.

As for other materials that you will need such as nails to hold the woods together, shingles or tins for the roof, and screens to keep predators out, they are cheap to buy.  Keep in mind that when buying these materials, you will not want to buy materials that last only for a week.  So if it’s a couple dollar more expensive, buy it since it will last longer.  For example, there are certain type of tins that last only for a short period of time because of the material used to build it.  So be sure to research the materials carefully before buying it or it’ll end up costing you more later on.  These are the basic materials you will need beside woods and having a plan will be more descriptive on what you will need.

As you can see, building a cheap chicken coup is possible.  You will just need to do more leg work and require more of your time going around searching for materials and other supplies, but in the end it’s worth every penny!

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