Building A Backyard Chicken Coop

A great way to have fresh eggs and meats is to build a backyard chicken coop.  Having your own chicken coop will save you money on food and be healthier since you know what you’re feeding your chicken.  Building a coop in your backyard isn’t as hard as it seems and it might be easier than you think if this is your first time.

Most people will have a chicken coop in their backyard instead of the front yard because of laws in each state and it might not be too appealing to your neighbors.  If you live in a city and want to have a chicken coop in your backyard, make sure to check with your city first.  Some city have ordinance that you must comply to when having building a structure on your property.  Some city require you to get a permit while other won’t and the fees for the permit shouldn’t be too much.  If you decide to bypass this process, sooner or later you’ll be caught and there will be a penalty with it.  So to be on the  safe side, just check with your city first.

Once you are ready to start building the chicken coop, you will need some basic necessities such as tools, materials, and a plan.  Probably the most important tools when building a coop is a plan.  A plan will help you build the chicken house with limited mistakes.  You don’t want to have to tear the house back down because you’ve forgot to put in the nest box or roosts inside the hen house. A chicken house plan can be created by yourself or get them online for free or for a fee.  If this is your first time building a coop, you’ll definitely need to get a plan.  This will save you the hassle and a lot of mistakes. When it comes to mistakes, that will cost you more money that you’ve planned for.

After you got all your tools, materials, and plan ready, you can start building the coop.  This project will require some carpentry skills such as measurements and cutting woods.  For the most part, you can use a handsaw to cut the woods to shape.  If you worked with power tools before, you can use them to get the project done quicker.  Either way, always take your time and you won’t have to worry about costly mistakes.

Since the coop will be placed in your backyard, you will want to place it somewhere that provides shades at least half of the day.  If you have a large tree in your backyard, you can place them under the tree.  If you don’t have a tree that provides shading, you can place them close to a structure that is high enough where it can cast a shadow over the coop for part of the day.  Where ever you decide to place the coop, make sure to never put it too close to wall of the house of fence.  The coop should be placed far enough out where fresh air can flow through the chicken coop.  If not, the smell from the chicken dropping will start to build up and that can create diseases and other parasites to live in the coop.   Also, built up chicken droppings can accumulate a toxic ammonia-like fume that can actually be dangerous to the chickens and to you and your family

A coop isn’t as hard as it seems and most plans will be in details on how to build the chicken coop.  If you can follow simple instructions, you should not have a hard time building the hen house.  If you are ever in doubt about the instructions, call the person or company that created the plan and ask them to clarify the instruction you have in question.

Building a chicken coop should be a fun project for you to enjoy.  If you aren’t too happy about building one, the end result won’t be pretty either.  Another thing, this is a great project for your entire family to build together.  Once it’s all complete, you will have a great looking chicken coop in your very own backyard.

Finally when you have every set and ready to move the chicken in, make sure to have ample food and water ready.  Just like any other pet you have, they need to be taken good care of to have a happy and healthy life.  Just remember that healthy chickens produces great tasting eggs!

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